David Cage and the Next-Gen: The Content Will Make the Difference, Not the 8K

The CEO of Take-Two Talks About PS5, Xbox Scarlett and Google Stadia

Speaking on DualShockers’ microphones, David Cage is back to expressing his vision of Next-Gen games that will see light on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, reiterating that in his view the content will make the difference, and not so much the technology in self.

After expressing his perplexity on resolution 8K and Ray-Tracing, the author of Detroit: Become Human reiterated a concept very dear to him: to make the difference for Next-Gen games will not be so much the technology itself and the computing power, but the use that developers will make of technology to create great value content.

“I personally believe that technology is just a pen to write a book. It can facilitate the creative process, but a pen alone will never be enough to make a book look great. Content will make the difference in the coming years, perhaps more than ever The new platforms like PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will need exclusive and high-quality content to attract consumers, and it can only be good for both developers and players.

My hope is that we will see more and more original and creative productions because these elements will make our industry go on”, explains the game director of Quantic Dream.

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