Fortnite Spray and Pray: Where to Find Publicity Posters Covered With Graffiti


If you have already completed all the standard Shoot and Hope challenges of Fortnite Royal Battle, then it is the turn of their Prestige version. One of these asks the player to visit two Billboards covered with graffiti in a single game, so we find out where it is possible to find them in the game map.

Here is the position of the posters:

Condotti Confusi: to the east of the van for the return to the game, on the fence that protects part of this area of ​​the map
South-west of Borgo Bislacco (box E7 of the map): the billboard is located on a stone wall at the top of the hill overlooking the road
Should you have difficulty completing this mission yourself, simply activate the group assistance to get help from a friend. Just start a game and make sure everyone lands onboard to complete the challenge in a matter of seconds.