Fortnite: Team Bumble is the first fully female competitive team

Fortnite Team Bumble

The eSport Gen.G organization has partnered with the Bumble dating app to create Team Bumble, a competitive Fortnite team made up entirely of girls.

The first Fortnite World Cup was held two weeks ago, during which nearly 180 professional players competed for a $ 3 million cash prize and world champion title. Of these players, no one was female.

Players like EwOk and Geguri indicate that the success and skill in a professional game are equally achievable for both sexes, but eSports continue to be overwhelmingly dominated by men. Moreover, very often the players suffer harassment and insult precisely because of their gender, their voice, and appearance, hindering their inclusion in the competitive world.

In creating the first all-female team, Gen.G and Bumble have reinforced the claim that women have a place in the eSports community as highly qualified competitors and formidable teammates. The group includes Madison ‘maddiesum’ Mann, Carlee ‘Carlee’ Gress, Hannah ‘Hannah’ Reyes, Kristen ‘KittyPlays’ Valnicek and Tina ‘Tinareas’ Perez.

Representations of this type allow girls to be part of a safe and positive environment so that they can express their enthusiasm for video games, share experiences and build skills. ” I am happy to be part of this team and to represent Gen.G. through the idea that we girls too can aim high in the competitive world, ” said Gress.