Halo the Master Chief Collection: 343 Industries Motivates the Postponement of PC Tests

The Master Chief Collection on PC: The Halo Reach Tests Starting in June

During the summer, the 343 Industries team announced their intention to organize a new Halo The Master Chief Collection session, set for July.

Unfortunately, some technical problems have recently led to an indefinite postponement. In the face of this inconvenience, the software house wanted to offer more details on the problems that led the team to make this decision. The community is updated by Tyler “Postums” Davis, Community Support & Engagement Coordinator at 343 Industries.

Through a long message, the latter explained in detail the obstacles encountered by the development team. Specifically, he explained how the latter struggled in what are called “Blocking Bugs”, or bugs that could prevent the Flight from functioning properly. Davis also explained how, before being made available to Insider players, each Test must pass several checks, called “Rings” and organized on a scale from 0 to 3, for a total of four sections, of which the last is precisely the Flight itself. The team is currently working to solve problems as quickly as possible, so as to offer players positive gaming experience. So far, unfortunately, a new date has not been shared for the future Halo PC Test: The Master Chief Collection. However, the team wanted to point out that such delays must not alarm the public, as they are actually a sign of the team’s desire to achieve high-quality standards. 

Are you waiting for the landing of Halo: The Master Chief Collection with anxiety?