It Makes No Sense to Blame Video Games for the Massacres, a Psychology Professor Talks About

Studio Makes People Argue: Those Who Play Violent Video Games Are More Inclined to Pull the Trigger

The massacres that took place very recently in the United States last week put the video games back in the dock. Many American politicians have hurled themselves against video games and their alleged trivialization of violence.

To blame the videogame world was also Donald Trump, president of the United States of America, who pointed the finger at the “glorification of violence” that young Americans see in video games and entertainment products in general, causing controversy to flare up.

The controversy was attempted by both the ESA , which sought to focus on the ease with which it is possible to obtain a weapon in the United States and which is the only country where shootings of such a high frequency occur, compared to all the other countries where video games are used, and also Reggie Fils-Aime, former president of Nintendo of America , who posted similar statistics on Twitter.

Now a new voice stands in favor of the videogame industry, specifically that of Dr. Chris Ferguson , professor of psychology at Stetson University , who has thus minimized the correlation between playing video games and becoming a serial killer: “It would be like saying that bananas cause suicides Literally, the numbers are practically the same “.

He also joined James Ivory, professor and director of research at Virginia Tech: “It is very similar to blaming the authors of the massacres wearing shoes. They wear them, yes, but so does most of the When we think of someone to blame, we do it depending on how comfortable it is. I’ve never heard any politician talk about video games when an immigrant commits a crime, for example. “

What do you think of their words?