Netease Will Build an sSport Park Worth Over $710 Million


NetEase, perhaps you have already heard of it, is one of the most important Chinese developer/publisher and exclusive partner of Blizzard for the distribution of its titles in the territory of the People’s Republic.

Not to mention the ownership of the Shanghai Dragons, an Overwatch League franchise capable of winning even a Phase this year.

Well, NetEase has announced its intention to invest the stratospheric $ 710 million figure to build the ” NetEase Esports Park ” in the Shanghai Qingpu district. The plan was announced at the Global Esport Conference in Shanghai.

Ding Yingfeng, president of NetEase, said the plan will include several export projects, including those related to product design, team development, talent building and experiences for enthusiasts.

Yingfeng also announced that the company will build China ‘s first ” first-class export headquarters “. According to the rules announced by the Shanghai government itself, the structure must respect certain fees: have a minimum size of 50,000 square meters and 5,000 seats.

Activision Blizzard announced that each Overwatch League team would host at least two home events next year. It is very likely that the NetEase export park will be used for the franchise home events and will become the team’s headquarters in 2021.