Ninja on Mixer: The Well-Known Streamer Is Now the Most Popular on the Platform!

Ninja's Debut on Mixer

Only recently did Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ decision to abandon the Twitch platform to open a new channel on Mixer, but the results obtained are already more than remarkable.

In a very short time, substantially less than a week, Ninja’s Mixer channel became the most popular on the platform, consecrating it as the active “Top-Streamer” on it. A result that certainly surprises for the speed with which it was achieved, but whose premises were already excellent. In fact, even before starting its business on the portal owned by Microsoft, Ninja could already count on over 300,000 followers. In a short time, and with the start of a streaming routine on the new channel, Tyler Blevins’ audience expanded at a decidedly exponential rate: during the day of Wednesday, June 7th, the same Ninja has indeed announced through its official Twitter account that it has exceeded one million Mixer subscribers!

The active community on Mixer, therefore, seems to have received the “newcomer” with significant warmth. Ninja is known in particular for its Fortnite streaming activity: Battle Royale, the most famous battle royale of Epic Games.