On Fortnite Comes a “No Build Zone” and a Player to Protest … Eat a Gift Card

No Build Zone

That the world of the internet is full of particular characters is something known to everyone now, and often when we talk about Fortnite, it is hard to recognize the boundary between creativity and madness, but this time we have no doubts about the category to which this belongs game fan.

The user of Reddit AuraxisKnight has in fact organized a singular protest against Epic Games: if the software house had added a no-build zone to Fortnite, an area where it was not possible to build, the boy had promised that he would eat a gift card for PlayStation 4.

Well, the eventuality he feared has unfortunately occurred with the 10.00 update of Fortnite, in which in Battle Royale it was added its own gaming area in which, due to gameplay reasons, the developers decided to deactivate the possibility of building, which is a fundamental part of the Fortnite gameplay.

However, every promise is due, and so the young AuraxisKnight has kept his word, and he posted a video on Reddit where he showed his promise, for a snack made of cardboard and plastic that he honestly didn’t we envy. Bon appetit.

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As promised, me eating a PlayStation giftcard because epic added a no build zone from FortniteCompetitive