Phil Spencer Promises More Focus on Single Player Games: A Commitment to Xbox Scarlett?

Project Scarlett Will Be the Last Microsoft Console? Phil Spencer's Answer

Over the past few years, the Xbox Game Studios family has expanded significantly. Microsoft has in fact acquired several development studios, now ready to offer its contribution to the Xbox catalog.

This type of policy could also result in a greater focus on the production of single-player games. To suggest it is none other than Phil Spencer, who spoke on the subject through his official Twitter account. In particular, the face of the Xbox division wanted to offer an answer to an active user on the social platform. This last one wondered if “in the years to come” more single-player games would have landed on Xbox. As you can see at the bottom of this news, Phil Spencer’s reply was concise, but clear: ” Yes, I can confirm it. With additions to Xbox Game Studios, we have several teams that have made great games focused on single player and we want this to continue “.

An affirmation certainly interesting, also in light of the fact that Project Scarlett will be released in 2020. In this perspective, the confirmation of a greater focus on games single player “in the coming years” can only make us think of the desire to bring more titles of this type on what will be the next gen console of the House of Redmond. To find out more, however, we just have to wait for the first announcements related to the future line-up of Xbox Scarlett Would you be happy to see more single-player productions from Microsoft?