Pokemon Sword and Shield, Linoone Will Have a New Evolution: Obstagoon

Pokemon Sword and Shield:

Yesterday the Pokemon Company revealed new information on Pokemon Sword and Shield, presenting the forms of Galar. Among these new regional forms, we find Linoone di Galar, who for the occasion also received a new evolution: Obstagoon. Let’s see it in action.

As seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon, even in Pokemon Sword and Shield some creatures will be affected by the surrounding environment, taking on a new regional form. In this case, in the two new chapters of the series coming to Nintendo Switch, we will be able to meet the forms of Galar , within the new region that will be the backdrop for the adventure of Spada and Scudo.

Among the forms of Galar we find Zigzaagon and Linoone, with the latter being able to evolve into a new Pokemon: we are talking about Obstagoon, the new evolutionary form in which Linoone will be able to transform.

Obstagoon will be a Dark/Normal type Pokemon, and it looks like it’s pretty powerful in battle. You can see it in action in the trailer at the top of the news, and take a closer look at it in the screenshot at the bottom of the page.

Leaving you to watch the video, we remind you that Pokemon Spada and Scudo are expected to be released on November 15th on Nintendo Switch.