Splinter Cell Will Return? Ubisoft Is Working on IP, Says CEO Guillemot


In the period immediately prior to E3 2019 several rumors and rumors were chased, some of which indicated a possible return of Splinter Cell, while others excluded it.

Recently Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, reopened the reflections on the fate of this beloved video game saga. During an interview granted to the Chinese portals Bilibili and Gamersky, the latter offered a brief but interesting comment on the matter, which seems to suggest that the software house has not completely forgotten the IP.

Asked about this, Guillemot declared: ” On Splinter Cell, there will be some new types of experiments, but more on different devices […] “. The CEO has also offered additional comments on the approach adopted in this context by Ubisoft: ” Today ‘s tiamo working hard on the brand that he may come at some point. We can not say when it takes time, we have to figure out which is the right time to make a great return “. 

Unfortunately, the statements made do not offer specific details about a possible return to the field of Sam Fisher, although the reference to “experiments” on “different devices” is certainly interesting. Splinter Cell has been absent from the gaming market for several years now: would you like to return? What would you like to see in a new chapter?