Twitch: Threats Against the San Francisco Headquarters. at Safety Risk?


The tragedies that have bloodied the United States in recent days have dramatically reported the issue of holding firearms in the United States and the senseless attacks (trite and hackneyed) against video games only demonstrate the willingness to move the problem by finding an easy scapegoat.

The issue, however, remains in the foreground, because in recent hours, according to Kotaku, the Twitch headquarters in San Francisco has been subjected to repeated, serious threats on the part – it seems – of a single individual.

Which triggered police investigations that immediately intervened to guard the area. The employees, in order to avoid the risk of threats becoming a reality, were informed by the company via email which invited them to work from home.

” We have been informed of a threat against our San Francisco headquarters and have worked directly with law enforcement agencies for the investigation, ” Twitch said in a statement. ” The safety and security of our employees is our top priority and we focus on ensuring that everything is resolved quickly and safely .”

One of the agents involved in the investigation stated that the threat was going to Twitter, but he refused to expose himself further.