What Is Control? Introduction and Creatures of Hiss in the New Remedy Video Miniseries

Control: Dynamic Gameplay

After discussing New Game Plus and Control’s Photo Mode, the developers of Remedy Entertainment package a video mini-series to explain what Control is and what we should expect in their new Metroidvania.

The first video proposed by the authors following Sam Lake, the eccentric father of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, offers us a quick narrative preamble on the events that will start the story starring Jesse Faden , the young director of a US secret agency forced to come to terms with a mysterious paranormal force that threatens to invade New York.

At dell’Hiss creatures, the hiss, he dedicated the second video diary of Remedy, with which it is described to us their bizarre behavior and the unique ability to handle the fabric space-time to open a dimensional rift and bend gravity to their want. To get the better of these entities, our alter-ego will have to get in touch with Hiss to acquire the necessary powers to guarantee access to increasingly advanced weapons and skills, with a typically Metroidvania progression that will include main missions alternated with secondary activities based on free-roaming.

Waiting to offer you the new videos of this miniseries, we remind you that Control’s paranormal nightmare will officially begin next August 27, coinciding with the release of Sam Lake’s action thriller on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.