Also THQ Nordic Against the Loot Boxes: “They Are Casino Mechanics”


After the recent agreement between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft announced by the ESA, for greater transparency in the games that use the loot boxes, comes also the comment of THQ Nordic, which joins the chorus of condemnation towards such mechanics.

In the document proposed by the three giants, in fact, some software houses and publishers were mentioned that make use of the notorious prize funds, and to which an effort was made so that the chances of winning, for example, are more transparent to the consumer.

Among the various names mentioned was not that of THQ Nordic, and the company wanted to highlight the reasons in a post on Twitter :

“THQ Nordic has not made a commitment on the transparency of loot boxes because A) we have not been asked by ESA, B) at the moment we do not have a single game using the published loot boxes, and C) we have no intention of implementing mechanics of casino games in our games “.

Among the names mentioned in the document are those of Activision Blizzard, Bandai Namco, Bethesda, Bungie, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive and Wizards of the Coast.

The lack of transparency in the loot boxes is really a problem to be addressed, and it is right that the publishers themselves deal with it. What do you think of the situation?