Borderlands 3: On the Official Website It Is Already Possible to Create Your Own Build

Borderlands 3 Endgame No DLCs with New Characters Are Planned

Gearbox has launched an interesting feature on the official website of Borderlands 3 thanks to which players can already get an idea about the skills to assign to their character.

Visiting the page of each of the 4 classes present in the game, an interactive menu is available that allows you to assign the various skill points and observe what are the improvements of the individual slots as the level progresses. Thanks to such an initiative, therefore, users can already experiment with some builds and get prepared for the exit, when they can improve the character in exactly the same way. To make it even more interesting is the presence of an Italian version of the site, which thus allows to better understand the complete descriptions of each individual skill.

We remind you that the game will arrive on the shelves of all stores starting from September 13, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (exclusively on the Epic Games Store). If you are curious to discover all the DLC present in the various editions of the game.

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