Crash, Spyro and Classic IPs: Activision Invites You to “Stay Tuned” for News

Crash, Spyro

Recently, the icons of Crash Bandicoot and the beloved Spyro have received a very positive reception from the videogame community, pushing Activision to discuss their possible future.

In fact, during a new financial meeting, the Company’s top management offered very interesting comments on the subject. In particular, President Robert Kostich said: “If you look at Crash N.Sane Trilogy, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and Crash Team Racing, they are all incredible games that our teams have excellently modernized for today’s platforms. ” To highlight its acceptance, Kostich underlined how the only trilogy dedicated to Crash was able to reach 10 million copies sold!

Given these results, it is not surprising that the President recalled how this response “reaffirmed the lasting nature of these franchises” for the company. But Kostich went further, stating: “When you look at our IP catalog, we think that there are many IPs in it that fans would like to play again, so on this, I would say to stay tuned for some future announcements. But in addition to simple remasters, there are also several opportunities now to innovate and think of completely new content for these IPs […] “. 

In short, it seems that the classic IPs of Activisionthey could take advantage of this favorable situation to return to action: what would you like to see announced?