David Cage Optimistic About Stadia: “Cloud Gaming Will Revolutionize the Industry”

David Cage

After expressing some doubts about the features of PS5 and Project Scarlett that Sony and Microsoft are advertising more in this preliminary phase of the next-gen, David Cage, a well-known leader of Quantic Dream and author of titles like Detroit Become Human, Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain also addressed the topic of cloud gaming.

Although undoubtedly a still immature branch of the gaming industry, cloud gaming could really represent the future of the medium, a veritable revolution capable of ” distorting the face of the industry, both for developers and for players” . Should the streaming become preponderant in the coming years, the software houses would deal with only one version of their video game, to be distributed without technical compromises on the various devices of the users, whether it be a home console or a laptop, a smartphone or a Tablet.

“The Cloud Play will be the next revolution in games and I hope it becomes a competitive landscape. Games will look stunning, regardless of the screen you play on, and developers will have to focus on one platform, which means their money will be invested in quality instead of compatibility “.

As for the business models to be adopted, Cage declares himself in favor of the subscription of monthly subscriptions that have made the fortune of the first television broadcasters, and then of the videogame companies. This is a very attractive commercial strategy for consumers, which in this way would also avoid the expense of ” $400 for a gaming platform“.

The French author therefore concludes with an observation on Google Stadia , a cloud gaming platform that could definitely pave the way for this new way of enjoying video games:

“Google Stadia is an interesting attempt to take this new road . They certainly have the resources and technology to make it happen, but like their competitors, they will have to convince developers and publishers to make their platform unique. Content is king: it will win the platform with the most exclusive content “ .