Destiny 2: The Cross-Save Has a Release Date, Soon the Transition to Steam Begins

Destiny 2

There is still a long way to go before we can put the menu on the highly anticipated expansion of Destiny 2, Shadows from the Deep, but it seems that the transition from to Steam is very close.

A funny movie, just published on YouTube on the official channel of the game, announces us that the procedure that will allow the Guardians to “move” will begin next August 20, 2019. It is not clear if on that date we can already abandon the Blizzard client in favor of that Valve or we can simply access a sort of list that will transfer all its purchases and progress starting from the release of Shadowkeep on October 1st, 2019. It is very likely that this is simply the possibility of connecting your Steam account to the account, so as to simplify the passage close to the exit.

Great news even for players who can’t wait to change platform, since from next 21st August 2019 the cross-save will be active and you can then decide to share a specific profile with all the associated accounts, so as to access your weapons and your progress regardless of the platform used.

In case you would like to find out more about the next expansion and armor 2.0, know that on August 14 there will be a live on Twitch in which the new equipment customization system will be explained in detail.

Then there is some news for the Solstice of Heroes, which will see a small change due to numerous complaints. The goal that requires the elimination of 100 mini-bosses in the European Air Zone has been simplified and, from next week, it will require only 50. The elimination of the final boss will be worth 5 points, so as to push users to remain in the game until at the end of the activity.

We remind you that in conjunction with the release of Ombre dal Profondo, next October Destiny New Light will also make its debut, a free to play version of the game that will include all the contents of the first year.

Did you know that the Vetta and Wendigo quests will be simplified soon?