Dragon Quest 11 S: The New Trailer Shows the Wonderful Erdrea’s World

Dragon Quest 11 for Nintendo Switch: New Trailer and Launch Window!

Nintendo of America has released a new trailer for the Dragon Quest XI S Definitive Edition: Echoes of a Lost Era, an exclusive Nintendo Switch version of the game already released on other consoles. The trailer, called “World of Erdrea”, shows the fantastic world in which the game is set.

A great way to keep up the attention of the community, waiting for the release of the Dragon Quest 11 S demo, still with no release date, but which should be coming soon, as the full game will then be available worldwide starting September 27th.

Among the various features of the game, there is the possibility to switch between HD and 16-bit graphics and to change the type of music. Still, with regards to audio, you can choose between dialogues in English or Japanese.