Fortnite Spray and Pray: Position of Containers With Windows

Fortnite Spray and Pray

Among the missions Spara and Spera in the prestige version of Fortnite Battaglia Reale, there is also one in which you have to go around the map in search of chests in particular containers on whose surface there is a specific design.

There are a total of 7 containers with window-shaped graffiti and in some areas of the map, it is also possible to find more than one, so as to be more likely to have a chest in one of these.

Here is the location of these containers:

  • South of Pressure Plant: on the islets in the lava river there are 2 containers with windows
  • South of Magazzino Muffito (boxes F5 and F6 of the map): in this area, there is a heap of containers and the one with the window is at the top
  • To the south-east of Magazzino Muffito (box G6 of the map): in the area with the various buildings, enter the building further west and inside it, you will find the container
  • North-east of Borgallegro (box E9 of the map): in this case, it is not a container but a truck partially covered by snow
  • North-east of Borgallegro: compared to the first van, go down further south until you find an area with several buildings. Enter the building further south and you will find the container
  • South of Palmeto Paradisiaco: look for a small complex of structures south of the city and north-west of this small area you will find the container, just outside a building