Gears 5 Enters the Gold Phase: A Tribute to Reggie Fils-Aime on the Goals List!

Gears 5 Tech Test

From the pages of the Xbox Wire blog and the social profiles of Microsoft’s Xbox division, the leaders of The Coalition announce the successful completion of the Gold phase of Gears 5 and, in preparing for the release of the blockbuster shooter, celebrate the great event by unveiling the list of Goals.

Scrolling down the card that illustrates in detail all the Objectives that we will be able to unlock on Windows 10 and Xbox One PC a reference to Reggie Fils-Aime, the legendary manager of Nintendo of America who decided to leave the division American of the Super Mario house on February 2019.

Those who complete the tutorial phase of the Boot Camp map, in fact, will be able to add 5 points to their Gamerscore by unlocking the “My Body is Ready” objective , a quote from the famous sentence uttered jokingly by Reggie Fils-Aime before trying out a try on the Wii Balance Board from the Los Angeles stage of the Nintendo conference of the now distant E3 2007. At the bottom of the news, you will find the tweet that confirms the achievement of the Gold phase of Gears 5 and the link to the official Xbox site from which you can consult the entire list of Unlockable goals.

Meanwhile, we inform all the old and new lovers of the shooter saga of Gears of War that the release of Gears 5 is scheduled for September 10th on PC and Xbox One, with the world preview of the Campaign set for August 19th coinciding of the opening of Gamescom 2019.