God of War: Here Is the Credit Card With the Leviathan on It

God of War: Here Is the Credit Card

Also today Santa Monica Studio, the authors of the acclaimed God of War, have updated their social profiles with funny videos, which have as their absolute protagonist the new credit card with the Kratos ax, the Leviathan.

This credit card, created in collaboration with VISA and PlayStation Asia, boasts the image of the lethal weapon of Kratos, whose image reacts to light. In addition to a plot in the background that reflects the style of the game menus, the word “Ask the Ax” (in Italian “ask for the ax”) is also present on the left side of the card. In the nice videos made by the development team, we can see a hand that launches the card which then, just like in the game, returns to the hands of the owner.

With regard to the weapon, we remind you that only a few days ago we told you about the wonderful project of a Dreams player, who reproduced the Leviathan in the title Media Molecule with an incredible level of detail.

Have you already taken a look at the beautiful and very expensive statue of Baldur, the main villain of God of War, produced by Prime 1? It also seems that the new card game of God of War is coming, which will boast the presence of all the main characters of the title.