Judgment: The Prologue Demo Is Available for Free on PS4

Judgment: The Position of All Stray Cats in Kamurocho

If you are curious to try Judgment, the new game by the authors of Yakuza, you can download the Prologue Demo available on PlayStation Store. The trial version of the title is completely free for all players.

The demo is currently available for free download on PlayStation Store. To download it you just need to log in to the PS Store from your PS4 or visit the Judgment Prologue Demo page from your browser, by logging in with your PlayStation Network account credentials.

The demo in question allows you to play the entire Judgment prologue from start to finish so that you can get an idea of ​​the game mechanics, the combat system, the narrative premises and the setting of the new action/adventure investigation of Team Yakuza.

Will you take the opportunity to experience the new game made by the authors of Yakuza? Let us know in the box dedicated to the comments you find below.