Nintendo Switch Mini: Will Some Games Have Exclusive Features?

Nintendo Switch Mini

When there is only a month to go until Nintendo Switch Lite arrives in stores, many can’t wait to find out how the games will turn on the new Grande N console. It appears that some games may have differences between the console models, as suggested by an FDG Entertainment post.

These are the authors of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, who in a post announced a new feature of the game, designed specifically for Nintendo Switch Lite, and it is, therefore, possible that users of the “classic” Switch will not have access to them. This feature will come with the 1.0.5 patch of the game, although the software house has specified that it will not be anything essential.

“We have a nice idea for Monster Boy on Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s a fancy feature that nobody needs, but that had to be done!” the developers wrote, who later ruled out that it was something related to the D-Pad. In short, small clues, but FDG refuses to unbutton itself any further.

What will it be? Will the developers really be able to use some mechanics exclusively on one type of console rather than another? Will we see other exclusive features for other video games? We’ll probably know more about it when you switch off Switch Lite. What do you think?