No Man’s Sky Beyond: The Social Hub Will Support up to 32 Players in Multiplayer

No Man's Sky

Beyond, the new substantial update with which the universe of No Man’s Sky will continue in its constant and surprising evolution since its launch is now behind the doors and Sean Murray, game director and leader of Hello Games, has released some further details to the about.

Discussing microphones, Murray described in more detail the new features that will debut in No Man’s Sky Beyond. As you will know, the update will for the first time introduce an online multiplayer component made and finished within the game: the director explained the reasons that led the development team to implement this new game mode (ambiguously anticipated already at the original launch of the title):

“There is something really nice about exploring, with others,” his words. “So we started thinking about a much bigger and wider online experience. 

To give a concrete shape to this idea, Hello Games created the Nexus, a social hub that Murray did not hesitate to compare to the Destiny Tower. Within this space, we will be able to collect up to a maximum of 32 players “depending on the platform”, with the possibility of crossing other explorers even outside the hub (also valid for those who play in VR). Inside the Nexus it will be possible to visit the shops to improve their equipment, their weapons, and the various spaceships. From here we can also undertake multiplayer missions to which other users can join if they wish. The quests involve various activities such as hunting, photography, archaeological excursions, base construction, and more.

No Man’s Sky Beyond will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One from August 14th. Sean Murray has opened the possibility of publishing his procedural title on Nintendo Switch.