Pokemon Sword and Shield: Does Obstagoon Look Like Simmons? the Member of Kiss Is “Flattered”!


In the latest trailer for Pokemon Spada and Scudo, Game Freak presented the public with various novelties from the Pokemon world. Among these is the new evolution of Linoone.

The latter, the Pokémon type Buio / Normale Obstagoon, has attracted the curiosity of many social users, who especially on Twitter have nicely highlighted a similarity between the Game Freak creature and … one of the members of Kiss! We are talking about bassist and singer Gene Simmons: the colors, appearance, and language of the Pokemon have evoked in part of the community the image of the historic band member.

The amused observations finally reached the ears of Simmons himself, who decided to comment on them officially. Interviewed in this regard by the Newsweek portal, the musician thus reacted to the hypothesized similarity: “The Pokemon have been part of our family for decades, ever since our children first discovered them. And to see a Pokemon pay homage to the Kisses flatters me“. In short, it seems that the artist has welcomed the hypotheses of the fans with fun! In any case, we emphasize that Game Freak, for its part, did not offer any confirmation regarding the fact that Obstagoon represents a reference to the historical band.

And what do you think of this new Pokemon, do you like the design of Obstagoon?