Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Eighth Generation Pokemon Revealed so Far

Pokemon Sword and Shield

After revealing the shapes of Galar, Game Freak has revealed the exclusive creatures that will be present in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let’s take a closer look at all the eighth generation Pokemon confirmed so far for the two new chapters of the series coming to Nintendo Switch.

Below we list all the eighth generation Pokemon that have been confirmed so far for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Grookey (starter)

  • Type: Grass
  • Skills: Help

Scorbunny (starter)

  • Type: Fire
  • Skills: Self-ignition

Sobble (starter)

  • Type: Water
  • Skills: Help


  • Type: Grass
  • Skills: Lanugine or Rigenergia


  • Type: Grass
  • Skills: Lanugine or Rigenergia


  • Type: Normal
  • Skills: Morbidone or Fugafacile


  • Type: Steering Wheel / Steel
  • Skills: Pressure or Agitation


  • Type: Water / Rock
  • Skills: Ferromascella or Guscioscudo


  • Type: Unknown
  • Ability: Unknown

Zacian (Legendary)

  • Type: Unknown
  • Ability: Unknown

Zamazenta (Legendary)

  • Type: Unknown
  • Ability: Unknown


  • Type: Kobold
  • Skills: Dolcevelo


  • Type: Electro
  • Ability: Ball boy


  • Type: Rock
  • Skills: Vapormacchina or Fireproof


  • Type: Steel / Dragon
  • Skills: Lightweight or Metal-heavy

Galar Weezing

  • Type: Poison / Kobold
  • Skills: Levitation / ???

Zigzagoon of Galar

  • Type: Dark / Normal
  • Ability: Collection / Voracity

Galar Linoone

  • Type: Dark / Normal
  • Ability: Collection / Voracity


  • Type: Dark / Normal
  • Skills: Boldness or Gums


  • Type: Electro / Dark
  • Skill: Pternal

We also remember that the forms Gigamax will be introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In addition to assuming colossal dimensions and becoming more powerful, gigamaxised Pokemon also see their appearance change. These creatures can also have access to an exclusive move called “Gigamax move”. For now, Game Freak has confirmed the possibility of gigamaxizing only for the three eighth-generation Pokemon:

  • Drednaw Gigamax: under the effect of the phenomenon Gigamax passes from quadruped creature to biped, standing on the hind legs only. His move Gigamax is called Gigarocciagetto and replaces all the water-type moves of Dreadnaw Gigamax. The effect of this move is twofold: in addition to inflicting damage to the opponent, in fact, he will also place sharp rocks on the battlefield, which will damage the creatures that could later go into action.
  • Corviknight Gigamax: sees all his flying-type moves replaced by the Gigamax move called Gigaciclone. This too, like Gigarocciagetto, has more effects. The attack inflicts damage to the opposing Pokemon but simultaneously cancels the effect of enemy moves, among which Reflection and Schermoluce are mentioned.
  • Gigamax alcremie: in this particular form, the goblin-like creature takes on the appearance of a sort of gigantic cake on several levels. His move Gigamax was christened Gigagranfinale, which will replace all the Sprite-type moves of Alcremie Gigamax. Once again, the potential is twofold: by using it, the Pokemon can both inflict damage on the opponent and recover PS from the allies.

At the bottom of the news, you can take a look at the new eighth-generation Pokemon that will be featured in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Do you like its design?