Resident Evil: Invitations for a New Game Test Also Reported in the USA

Biohazard Ambessador

It seems that something interesting related to the Resident Evil brand is moving into the Capcom house: the number of invitations to participate in the test of a new title is multiplying!

The first of these concerned series fans residing in Japan. We had in fact reported to you, just a few days ago, that Japanese gamers participating in the Resident Evil Ambassadors program had received email invitations to a test session of a new Resident Evil. Now, similar sightings also emerge from the United States of America, where Capcom would contact other program members. Also, in this case, we talk about the possibility of participating in a special event, during which it will be possible to try a “new game in the early stages of development”.

Unfortunately, no further details seem to emerge now about the identity or nature of this production, but speculation about its possible identity has already started, with part of the community hoping it could be a possible Resident Evil 8. More information could perhaps come in September: the Japanese test session would be scheduled for September 8 and 9 in Tokyo, while US players should be able to have access to an event near Los Angeles (between September 20 and 21 ) and one in New York (between 23 and 24 September).