Street Fighter V Exceeds Sales of the Fourth Chapter

Street Fighter V: Export Is a Priority Goal for the Future of Capcom

Despite the numerous difficulties in the period immediately following the launch, it seems that the situation of Street Fighter V is slowly recovering and, in the last hours, the sales of Street Fighter 4 have finally been overcome.

It should be noted, however, that the comparison in terms of sales was made between the “vanilla” version of Street Fighter 4 and the standard version of the fifth chapter, which is practically the only one available. We remind you that the Arcade Edition of SFV does not have big differences with the standard one since the included characters can also be purchased by the owners of the other version and all the other additional features have been inserted through a free update. At the moment we are talking about 3.7 million copies against 3.4 and, according to the Osaka company, about 600,000 copies have been sold only in the last period.

Since in the last few days very popular fighters like Poison and E Honda have arrived in the game, we are sure that in the coming weeks there will be a further increase in sales for the fighting game at Capcom meetings.

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