Summer Sale on the Playstation Store: Additional 25% Discount for Some PS4 Users

Summer Sale on the Playstation Store

Several PS4 users subscribed to the official PlayStation newsletter claim to have received a message on their e-mail inviting them to participate in a new, very tasty promotional initiative linked to the Summer Sale on the PS Store.

As reported by several users of the official PlayStation portal and by the community of the most famous video game forums such as ResetEra and Reddit, the message invites fans of the Sony console to participate in the new round of the PS Store Summer Sales to get an additional 25% discount on any video game, expansion, digital package or additional content in the list of sales offers .

The offer in question, specifies the message (also received from those who are writing to you), seems to be reserved only for those who have not made purchases on the digital store of PlayStation 4 for some time and can be used for the purchase of a single object , both it a video game or a DLC. The personal code present in the e-mail address of those who wish to participate in the initiative can be applied to the game or to the additional content desired by 00:50 (GMT +2) on Thursday 22 August.

As often happens in these cases, therefore, our advice can only be to check the inbox associated with your active SEN account to find out if you are among the lucky participants in this promotion. In the meantime, did you know that recently discounts have been added on other games to the PS Store Sale list?