The Genki Covert Dock for Switch Is Already a Big Hit on Kickstarter

Genki Covert Dock

Would you like a peripheral that works at the same time as a Dock and portable charger for Nintendo Switch? The solution exists: it’s called Genki Covert Dock and it’s already a great success on Kickstarter.

As you can see in the video shown on top of the news, the Genki Covert Dock looks like a small device capable of running both dock that chargers for Nintendo Switch. An extremely compact solution that allows you to recharge the hybrid console and connect it to the TV without the aid of the classic Dock, a device much more bulky and much less “portable”.

The idea must also have been liked by the players, who in the last few hours have decided to loudly support the Genki Covert Dock Kickstarter campaign, which started yesterday with a minimum fundraising target set at 44,658 euros. The objective that was exceeded in just 40 minutes.

The moment we report the news, the Kickstarter collection of the Genki Covert Dock has reached as much as 324.872 euros. A truly remarkable figure, if we consider that at the end of the campaign there are still 35 days to go.

Waiting to know more details on the marketing of the Genki Covert Dock, we point out that the dimensions of the device will be 22% smaller than the official Switch charger, and 90% smaller than the Dock. The price, instead, was set at 49 dollars (around 44 euros).