XIII: Remake of the Micro-Shaded Shooter of Microids Slipped to 2020

XIII: Remake

The developers of Microids and PlayMagic inform us of the postponement of the XIII Remake to 2020, the reissue for PC and console of the iconic cel-shaded shooter released in 2003.

The commercialization of the current-gen version of XIII should have taken place in November this year. The French authors have not explained the reasons for this postponement, even if one should not possess the sagacity of the hero Thirteen to understand that the extra time granted by the slip was necessary to allow Microids and PlayMagic to smooth the sharp corners of the graphic and make the last changes to the gameplay mechanics.

Thanks to this postponement, the playful, artistic and content offer of a work will be enriched which, as for its original version on PS2 , is inspired by the homonymous comic strip by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance to make us live a story with tones noir starring a man accused of murdering the president of the United States. Waking up on the beach in Brighton without having the memory of what happened to him in the previous days, Thirteen will have to retrace the events and find out what happened to him having only a small key and his mysterious tattoo in Roman numerals XIII.

The release of XIII Remake is therefore planned for a generic 2020 on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.