Control: “Start the Battle” in the New Video Diary Dedicated to Game Tactics

Control Developers See A Bright Future For Single Player Games

Just a few days to the launch of Control, and so the authors of Remedy Entertainment make a new video diary to give way to the emulators of the courageous Jesse Faden to prepare to face the threat of Hiss acquiring experience with a video dedicated to game tactics.

In this new episode of the series that introduces us to the key elements of Control’s gameplay, the Remedy developers remind users that they will have great freedom of choice in how they approach challenges.

Thanks to a particularly wide range of tactics to include stealth sessions and more direct strategies involving the use and enhancement of the “alien gun” by Jesse Faden, the Finnish team aims to build a more solid game scaffold than the one tested in Quantum Break and, even before, in Alan Wake.

Particular emphasis in this video is then given to the versatility of attack and defense tactics combined with the supernatural abilities acquired by Jesse by exploring the Oldest House to complete the secondary missions and intertwined activities at the main plot.

At this point we can not help but accompany you in the paranormal atmosphere of the new video diary of Control, all waiting for it to be done on August 27 to fight the Hiss coinciding with the release of Sam Lake’s Metroidvania on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.