Destiny 2: Lots of New Cross-Save Details

Destiny 2

Very little is left to the launch of the cross-save in Destiny 2, a feature much requested by users. To simplify things, new details on this novelty have recently been published to better prepare all Guardians for this great change.

By enabling cross-save on your account you will access a screen with your profiles (the number varies according to the platforms you have played on), in which you will have to choose only one account that will be chosen as the default and whose progress will be extended to all platforms. The other profiles will not be deleted, but in order to return to using them, you will need to disable cross-save. In case you decide to disable the cross-save, you will have to wait 90 days before you can re-enable it, so it is a decision to be made carefully.

As for the contents that you only own on one platform, these cannot be played on the others. Obviously, all the DLC weapons and armor in your inventory can be used without any problem, regardless of the expansions purchased. Moving on to the Clans, the players can be part of only one clan per account and in the relative screen, you can only and exclusively see the active players on the platform on which you are playing.

Finally, it must be specified once again that there is no possibility of joining the accounts and that the Silver purchased on one platform cannot be transferred to the others.

We remind you that the Destiny 2 cross-save will arrive on August 21st, 2019 and that the first details on 2.0 armor in a live on Twitch will be revealed next week. The next patch will also simplify the Vetta and Wendigo quests, considered by many players to be the longest and most boring in the game.