Epic Games Officially Takes Sides Against the Loot Boxes

Epic Games

Once again we talk about loot boxes and, after the recent statements by THQ Nordic against the prize funds, a strong message also comes from Epic Games.

After having profoundly changed the system of Fortnite Save the World Lamas, in the last few days the news has arrived that sees the abandonment of the classic loot boxes also in the Rocket League, whose creators have recently been acquired by Epic Games. In both titles, you can still buy some boxes containing items, but the player will have the right to find out before they buy their contents, so that they know exactly what they are going to buy with their money.

Here is the company’s statement on loot boxes made at games industry microphones :

“In early 2019 in Fortnite Save the World, a change was made whereby players can discover the contents of each blade before buying or opening it. In recent days, however, Psyonix announced a similar change for Rocket League coming soon. We intend to apply this philosophy to all the upcoming Epic Games titles to be as transparent as possible when it comes to microtransactions. “

In short, it seems that, unlike other publishers, the creators of Fortnite Battaglia Reale do not want to leverage these mechanisms and offer players the chance to be perfectly aware of their own in-game purchases.

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