Fortnite: A Serious Glitch Linked to BRUTO Allows You to Win the Game


In the last hours, the news of a very serious glitch involving the much-talked-about Fortnite battle royale mech is making its way around the web.

This problem, which in order to be activated requires a long series of procedures including the finding of a BRUTUS on the game map, makes the player invisible and immune to the damage of the storm, thus allowing him to win a game simply by standing still in a corner of the map. Although its execution is complex and requires many steps, you can easily guess how such a problem is particularly serious. It is, therefore, necessary for the developers to intervene as quickly as possible since in a few days the new Fortnite Champions Competition will start, in which, as announced this morning, it will also be possible to use the robot.

While waiting for Epic Games to return to normal, we advise you not to exploit this glitch, since the chances of being banned are very high. In the meantime, we remind you that with the next battle royale update a laser pointer to the BRUTUS will be added which will make it easier for players to avoid rockets.