Super Mario Maker 2: More Than 5 Million User-Created Levels

Super Mario Maker 2

Almost two months after its market debut, the number of levels created by Super Mario Maker 2 players has exceeded the incredible 5 million mark.

To make the announcement was the official Twitter account of Nintendo of America, which accompanied the news with a couple of useful codes to try some of the levels in evidence among those created by the players, namely:

Thwomp’s Crumbling Catacombs: X25-V7M-CHG
Through the Toy Room: 1HW-VTB-F0H

It therefore seems clear that there are many who have appreciated the idea of ​​having at their disposal a complex editor with which they can have fun being a game designer and, in all probability, the functionality that will allow users to create their own dungeon in The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening will be another great success for the Japanese giant.