The Name of Xbox Scarlett? the Xbox Team Leader Comments but Does Not Bother!

Microsoft Presents Project Scarlett, the New Xbox Next-Gen Console to Be Released in Late 2020

In a fun video interview was given to the editors of, Matt Booty, responsible for managing Xbox Game Studios, discussed many topics.

Among these, obviously, “Project Scarlett” could not be missing, the code name of Microsoft’s future next-gen hardware. With the sharing of the first official information on the occasion of E3 2019, the Redmond House confirmed that the console will debut on the market during the last months of 2020, accompanied by the launch of Halo: Infinite. For now, however, the videogame giant has not yet wanted to communicate to the public what will be the final name of the Xbox Scarlett.

Precisely on this point, Matt Booty was questioned and asked if he is currently aware of it. Amused, the Xbox team leader tried not to overreach. First, he told how there are guidelines in Microsoft specifically dedicated to choosing code names related to different internal projects, also to prevent two branches of the Company from choosing the same one. Booty stated that he did not directly participate in choosing the “Project Scarlett” codename. As for the final name of the console, after a brief pause for reflection, he said amused: “I saw some pictures!”. After declaring that he has “an idea of ​​how it should look”unfortunately, but predictably, it has offered more details. What do you think, do you have hypotheses about what the name of the new Microsoft console could be? 

In the same interview, Matt Booty also discussed the new studies acquired. In closing, staying in the Xbox world, we point out that recently Phil Spencer discussed the importance of single-player games for Microsoft.