Will Call of Duty Continue to Adopt an Annual Release?

Call Of Duty

Activision Blizzard seems intent on continuing its program of annual releases regarding the Call of Duty franchise. The videogame giant is increasing investments in live services, which will lead to an increasingly full post-launch support.

At the last financial meeting, Activision was increasingly focused on the launch of Call of Duty, a franchise that would have the potential to be supported for a greater number of years but that Activision continues to relaunch annually with a new edition. A modus operandi that does not seem to be under discussion.

Activision, in a nutshell, wants to get the most out of both marketing philosophies, or both from the long post-launch support and from the launch of a new chapter every year.

Meanwhile, we remind you that Modern Warfare will be released on October 25th and the title will also set the goal of increasing player involvement over time.

Do you think Call of Duty should abandon the annual release?