Bloodstained: Arrives the Mod of Morrigan, Fighter of Darkstalkers

Bloodstained- Arrives the Mod of Morrigan

Are you a fan of Darkstalkers and are you playing the PC version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night? Then you absolutely have to take a look at this new mod starring the beautiful Morrigan.

The modder thor777 has in fact published some files that allow in a few simple steps to replace Miriam’s model with that of the green-haired fighter and play in her shoes. Unlike the more complex mods, this is simply limited to changing the character without adding animations, weapons or unique sounds. The only peculiarity lies in the possibility of changing the character’s dress with 6 different colors and, according to what the author of the mod declared, further options for personalization will soon arrive.

To install the mod, which is compatible only with the PC version of the game, just download everything you need from the official NexusMods page, create a folder entitled “~ mods” in the path “BloodstainedRotNContentPaks “and paste the Morrigan.pak file into the newly created folder. At this point, all you have to do is start the game with the new protagonist. We also invite you to read the description of the mod on the official website to find out all the details on any Incompatibility and avoiding problems of any kind In case you ever want to return to the original protagonist, simply remove the file to restore everything to normal.

We remind you that in the last few days the developers have announced that they are working on the Switch version of Bloodstained, which suffers from numerous technical problems. Have you already read about the bizarre way in which the difficulty of Bloodstained bosses has been balanced?