DayZ: The Australian Rating Board Finds a Reference to Drugs and Prohibits Their Sale

DayZ Will Be Released on Playstation 4 on May 29th

The authority in charge of certification and classification of video games in Australia has blocked DayZ’s digital and retail sales. In fact, the Rating Board states that it has found references to the use of drugs (in this case, cannabis) in Bohemia Interactive’s online shooter.

The decision taken by the Australian government agency took the authors of the Czech Republic’s development company by surprise. A spokesman for Bohemia Interactive exposed the point of view of the Prague software house, stating, from the pages of, that ” “We are aware of the intention of the Australian body to withdraw DayZ from the sale. The game has just been removed from the local digital stores of PS4 and Xbox One. The reason behind this refusal seems to be an emphasis on drug use inside. of the game. For example, we have morphine, the use of which is permitted but must be represented in a very specific way to comply with Australian regulations”.

Aware of the vast community of shooter enthusiasts streaked with survival elements that live in Australia, the Bohemia Interactive leaders also add that “the Australian player base is a very large and important component of our community. We are currently looking for the best solution to keeping the game on the Australian market and overcome the issues raised by the government to comply with all local regulations. We will do everything we can to support our fans in Australia and guarantee the return to the local DayZ market”.

Here, DayZ continues to be available both on PC and in its dual console version for Xbox One (from March 2019) and PlayStation 4 (from May this year).