FIFA 20: Some First Images of Juventus / Piemonte Calcio Appear Online


During the month of July, rather surprisingly, the news came that Juventus will not be present in FIFA 20. To replace the club, the fictitious ” Piemonte Calcio.

The first details of this formation now seem to emerge: it seems that with the departure of the FIFA 20 Closed Beta some users have spread images of Piemonte Calcio. As expected, the latter found widespread use on social networks, eventually attracting the attention of many football and video game fans. Among the channels of diffusion, we find, inevitably, Twitter. At the bottom of this news, in fact, you can find different twitters dedicated to the presence and features of the symbols and players of Piemonte Calcio. What do you think of these early leaks?

For now, let’s point out, Electronic Arts do not seem to have offered official details about the appearance and features that Piemonte Calcio will have in FIFA 20.