Fortnite Season 10: New Portal Spotted at the Mega Mall Area!

Fortnite 10

Fortnite Season 10: Royal Battle brought with it a significant number of changes, making the game map a rather unstable and subject to change.

The active community on the Epic Games game has had a first resounding demonstration following the events that involved the point of interest of Neoinclinato. In fact, the area has recently been transformed: the Fortnite 10.00 update has in fact converted the location in Pinnacoli City, a sort of old West village. Before all this happened, however, the players had spotted a strange portal to Neoinclinato. Now, another of these mysterious instruments has appeared on Fortnite Island.

Specifically, sightings of a portal at the Mega Mall area have recently multiplied. This fact, together with the previous events, led part of the community to hypothesize that soon this location could undergo some transformations. For now, however, nothing seems destined to happen immediately: the portal appears to be inactive. However, it is now known that Epic Games loves to surprise Fortnite players. As a result, the situation may change over the next few days or hours. Nothing, however, is certain: what do you think will be the fate of Mega Mall? Will the area remain intact or will it also undergo mutations?