Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How Big Will the Auroa Archipelago Be?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: The New Trailer Shows Us Vasily, the Sniper

In any respectable open-world video game, considerations on the size of the explorable map are important for understanding the real ambitions of the developers. With Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the Ubisoft Paris team will catapult us into Auroa: what will be the size of this mysterious archipelago?

Attending the latest Breakpoint video demonstrations, there is no need to stress the fact that the Auroa map will be particularly wide: in the intentions of its authors, this fictitious region will be incredibly rich in points of interest and areas to explore .

The transalpine developers have not yet revealed the exact dimensions of the map , but from what we have been able to learn from the announcement of the project it is very likely that the survival universe of Breakpoint can be larger than the already enormous one of Wildlands , albeit in a different geographical context. If confirmed, the size of Auroa should exceed three times the size of the GTA V map .

The colleagues of Digital Trends then tried to collect all the information shared in this sense by Ubisoft, thus discovering that Breakpoint will boast 793 “hidden places”scattered over the entire surface of the islands of Auroa, as well as in its caves and coastal areas . Thanks also to the verticality and dynamics of gameplay devoted to survival promised by Ubi, we also know that the map of Breakpoint will be more “compartmentalized” than that of Wildlands and more closely resemble the Skellige islands of The Witcher 3. The approach adopted by the authors of the title will allow them to guarantee us a rich post-launch support with many other areas to explore through incursions or endgame activities not yet announced.

In leaving you all further consideration, we remind you that the release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is scheduled for October 4th on PC and in its dual edition for PS4 and Xbox One. The title will also arrive on Google Stadia in November and will be back from the launch in the offer reserved for subscribers of Uplay +, the new Ubisoft service announced during E3 2019 that will allow subscribers to access the entire catalog of the French videogame giant.