GT Sport: A Leak Suggests the Arrival of Rain With the Update at the End of August


Race Online Hungary’s Instagram channel curators say they know the launch date and the contents of the next free Gran Turismo Sport update on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.

The leak in question reports the date of Tuesday 27 August as the day scheduled by Polyphony Digital for the publication of the next GT Sport update and goes further by illustrating some of the main innovations.

According to Race Online Hungary, the update that will bring the most important PS4 car simulator to version 1.42 should bring a new track and introduce rain, one of the most requested and expected features of the GT Sport community.

Without going into detail, the indiscretion lets us understand that the additional circuit could recreate the New York setting: the Gran Turismo Sport World Tour will make a stop in the Big Apple between 24 and 25 August, a few days before of the date indicated for the publication of the new update.

As for rain-related gameplay innovations, a feature that, in theory, should have been available by the end of June with the track update in Sardinia, we already had a taste of the changes made by Japanese developers with a GT gameplay video Lap Sports launched on the Red Bull Ring.