GTA 6 Can Wait: New Videos of Gta 5 in 4k With Ray Tracing and Mod “Presidential”!


While millions of Grand Theft Auto fans eagerly await the announcement of the development of GTA 6, the untiring scene of the GTA 5 modders deceives time and publishes new videos exploring the graphic and role-playing potentials of Rockstar’s open-world blockbuster Games.

The first content creator that we offer today is DubStepZz, the most famous GTA 5 video author in 4K. With its intensive use of the ReShade mods and tools to simulate the effects of dynamic lighting in Ray Tracing, the user has attracted the attention of the sector press and attracted the criticisms of those who, rightly or not, believe that the effects in DXR his videos are really excessive and unrealistic.

With his new video, the good DubStepZz tries to keep the bar straight and immerse himself in his personal next-gen vision of GTA using every single pixel of the game to show us how far he can push his PC by thousands of dollars and his atypical hardware configuration with two Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti GPUs in SLI.

Definitely more “casual”, but still representative of the infinite potential of Grand Theft Auto 5, is instead the experiment made by Jelly. The famous YouTuber has in fact decided to try his hand at one of the many (and very popular) GTA 5 RolePlay Mods to make a movie that sees him as the protagonist wearing the uncomfortable role of the President of the United States, amid daring escapes with his presidential limousine and evolutions of Hollywood print between Los Santos skies aboard Air Force One.