Playstation vs Xbox: The Tidux Insider Compares American YOUTUBE Channels

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In the last few hours, a series of messages analyzing some aspects of Sony and Microsoft’s management of their American YouTube accounts have been published on the Twitter account of Tidux, the famous insider of the PlayStation world.

It is assumed that the two channels, PlayStation and Xbox, have a significant gap in terms of subscribers, with the first boasting 8.8 million users and the other “only” 3.1 million. However, it seems that the success of the PlayStation USA channel is not simply due to the popularity of the brand, but also due to the lack of attention in proposing new material on the titles on release. Tidux has in fact taken as an example the upcoming Control, which boasts five videos from E3 2019 to today on the PlayStation channel with a total of 821,000 views and only one on the Xbox, which is still at 17,000 views. In the specific case of Control, in which there is behind an agreement with Sony for what concerns the marketing and some exclusive contents, it should be pointed out that Microsoft has not published videos that could easily have been added to its channel. There is a disparity between the channels also as regards the number of videos uploaded. In the last week, 40 PlayStation themed videos and only 23 on Xbox titles have been published.

Given the power of the brand in American territory, it is likely that the problem lies precisely in the mismanagement of the YouTube channel and not in the lack of material since both also publish videos of third-party titles.