Pokemon Sword and Shield: Morpeko Becomes a Soft Reversible Plush!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Be at the World Hobby Fair, New Details at the End of June

A few months after the publication on Nintendo Switch of the new pair of chapters in the series, Game Freak has made available a new Trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Thanks to the latter, fans of tender creatures have been able to take a first look at some of the Eighth Generation Pokemon that will populate the future Galar Pokedex. Among these, a decidedly special creature: the Pokemon Doppiafaccia Morpeko. To make it peculiar, we find its ability to change its appearance according to certain conditions.

Morpeko is, in fact, a constantly hungry Pokemon, usually of the Electro Type. However, if his appetite is not satisfied for an excessively long period, the creature changes, becoming aggressive and varying its type from Electro to Dark. Concretely, the Panciapiena Ability, characteristic of Morpeko, “causes a change of shape at each turn” and a variation in the Rotate of Aura move, which will be precisely Electro or Dark depending on the turn.

These features have particularly intrigued a fan of Pokemon, an artist active on the Etsy platform. The latter, known as “Fatalplush“, depicting precisely Morpeko and which reflects both identities. You can see a preview directly at the bottom of this news: what do you think of this creation? Do you like the new Pokemon?