Project Xcloud: This Is How the New Xbox Mobile Controller Could Be


At the beginning of July, the first information on the patent filed by Microsoft for the new Xbox controller to be used on mobile systems to play in streaming on Project xCloud titles appeared online. The patent is now freely available on the web, with images and functional descriptions.

The explanatory diagrams that accompany the document prompted a young artist, Sarang Sheth, to draw on this mine of information to create a mockup of the Project xCloud controller that, presumably, will be launched by Microsoft between the end of 2019 and the first half of 2020 at a price that should align with that of traditional controllers for PCs and home consoles.

While taking some creative freedom in the design of the controller , Sheth has remained faithful to the diagrams and illustrative diagrams of the patent to represent the layout of commands (with the characteristic asymmetric arrangement of the analogs) and a form factor that involves hooking up one’s smartphone or tablet to the two parts of the controller. To want to be picky, however, in the mockup of Sarang Sheth lacks a fundamental component of the system illustrated in the patent, namely the central component of the controller that should be used for recharging and using in-game as a traditional joypad, a very similar hardware solution ( not to say identical ) to that adopted by Nintendo with iSwitch Joy-Con.

In leaving you all further comments on the Project xCloud mockup controller, we remind you that the testing phase of Microsoft ‘s new game streaming service will officially start in October. According to the latest rumors, it also seems that the Redmond company is seriously interested in launching a budget version of the Xbox Scarlett based on xCloud in the future.