Rocket League: Not Everyone Is Happy for the Elimination of Loot Boxes


As you well know by now, Epic Games has openly lined up against loot boxes , officially announcing that all the upcoming games published by the company will not have microtransactions that allow them to buy random content.

Among the titles involved in this policy there are also Fortnite Save the world with the X-Ray and Rocket League Blade , which will soon be updated making the contents of the boxes visible . However, if you take a look around, not everyone is jumping for joy on this initiative and many of them have been against it on social media and forums. In addition to users who appreciate the loot box system and like to spend their money in this way, those who exploited this feature to make money from the sale or exchange of keys and objects are also opposing this choice . The numerous youtubers are not exactly happy eitherthat they used to do a lot of video visualizations in which large quantities of boxes were opened and that, with the updating of the incoming Rocket League loot boxes, will no longer make sense to exist.

It therefore seems evident that, despite the noise generated by players opposed to the implementation of these sometimes invasive microtransactions, many are in many ways to appreciate and spend regularly.

In this regard, we remind you that the COD Black Ops 4 microtransactions went just fine and far exceeded the revenues obtained by in-game purchases of Call of Duty: World War II. Still talking about Activision, microtransactions have also recently been introduced in CTR Nitro Fueled .

Just like Epic Games, THQ Nordic also said no to loot boxes .